Glare 180sx 240sx 30mm Rear fenders GT



Glare 180sx 240sx 30mm Rear fenders GT

Glare 180sx 240sx 30mm Rear fenders GT

Product Details

  • Left and Right quarter fenders
  • 30mm Wide

Considering rivet stopping and screwing in view, the size size design of the limit
It is made so that it becomes natural around the rear tail with the dimensions around the back
for  installing, one side of the rear fender will be widened by about 50 mm

The Overfenders can be installed even with original bumper, other aero bumper
(other than special products)

With dedicated fuel filler cover


Car Modify Wonder is a Shop In Saitama , creating the high quaility in S-chassic Aero, Toyota Chasers, mark II , Nissan Laurel.  Takashi haruyama Racing Background from 90s to currently D1gp Judge / Competitor / and Fore Fronts to Japanese Drift world.

Glare Body kit Options Parts for either FRONT BUMPER – SIDE SKIRT – REAR BUMPER

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Super Street Write up on Car Modify Wonder Nikko Circuit event by Takashi haruyama

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